Stainless Steel Net Factory Supply

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Stainless Steel Net Factory Supply

Find for stainless steel net factory supply – Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh is a trusted supplier.

Stainless steel net is also called steel wire rope net, stainless steel woven wire mesh. The material is mainly AISI304/316. Because of its unique characteristics, made of stainless steel and has a good decoration, it is widely used in zoo exhibits and enclosures design, fence protection net, and decoration. Among them, it is widely used in European and American countries, and it has also been well developed in our country in recent years. However, because the cost of stainless steel mesh itself is high, when purchasing stainless steel mesh, you better find a stainless steel net factory for reliable supply and obtain direct factory prices.

Stainless Steel Net Factory Supply

Lion enclosure protective mesh with eco zoo mesh

Hengyi Metal Mesh’s stainless steel rope mesh cooperates with many well-known zoos and architectural designers at home and abroad. We have provided them with countless wire mesh products.

Flexible wire rope nets are mostly used in animal cages, bird aviary nets, zoo animal fences. And also garden decoration and construction transformation in zoos, wildlife parks, ocean parks, and other similar environments.

We provide factory customization services. Since each customer needs different sizes of stainless steel rope nets, and the cost of stainless steel nets is relatively high, customized services can avoid waste and make installation simple and easy.

In addition, Hengyi Metal Mesh provides installation instructions. Click here to download the installation guide file.

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