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New View of Zoo mesh

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New View of Zoo mesh, not the scenes of “caged lions”.

In zoos, the scenes of “caged lions” are very common. But have you ever seen a flock of lions watching the caged man? New View of Zoo mesh. Not long ago, this new picture was staged at a zoo in Australia, let’s go and have a look.

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Recently, a zoo in the southern Australian city of Adelaide has put a “trick” on attracting tourists: swapping the roles of humans and animals, people are kept in cramped cages, while lions are “strolling” in spacious gardens.

At first, these lions face this sudden monster still some timid, just hide in the distance secretly watching. Soon, however, they restored the king’s nature, shouting and squealing and scratching around the cage, and finally even leapt to the top of the cage, overlooking the caged persons.

Staff said that this is the zoo’s latest “360-degree panoramic view of the Lion” project, the purpose is to allow visitors to enjoy the lion’s true colors, rather than standing in a safe distance, watching the caged beast listless yawn.

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Staff Anna Bennett: They are now all over the cage for four weeks, watching each one of our lifts, because they have never had a chance to stay on top of our heads or behind them and they are trying to round us up.

Of course, tourists do not have to worry too much about security. These lions are still friendly to humans, and visitors can even extend their food to a safe cage and experience the joys of feeding these majestic big men. The zoo took 5 months to build the lion’s cage and spent more than 530,000 dollars. Staff expect it to add about 3000 passengers a year to the zoo.New View of Zoo mesh.

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh Co., Ltd. is the only zoo mesh manufacturer in China that focuses on animal’s ecological environment. Established in 2005 in Fangshan District, Beijing.

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We are a professional zoo mesh supplier that integrates R&D, production, sales and post-sales service. Transformed from Anheng Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh Factory, we boast a long history and as early as in 1990, we started the manual production of stainless steel rope mesh. We focus on improving animal’s living environment and zoo ecological construction. With the introduction of new technologies and innovative talents, we have upgraded product materials and production processes. New View of Zoo mesh. In addition to common stainless steel rope mesh, we have developed new-type zoo-specific ecological mesh, including dozens of varieties, such as: zoo mesh , aviary netting, zoo enclosure, wire rope mesh, bird netting, phantom mesh, parrot cage netting, crane fence mesh, eagle cage fence netting, monkey enclosure mesh, orangutan enclosure fence, gorilla fence, tiger enclosure mesh, lion cage enclosure mesh, leopard fence enclosure netting, deer fence mesh, etc.

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