New Eco Zoo cage mesh construction

Bald eagle cage mesh, large birdhouse top nets
Establish an ecological invisible zoo fence

New Eco Zoo cage mesh construction

New eco zoo cage mesh construction

Hengyi Eco Zoo Mesh is the only zoo mesh manufacturer in China that focuses on animal’s ecological environment.
One of the manifestations of the humanization of society is that people are increasingly returning to nature and getting close to animals, which has become the trend of the world.
New eco zoo cage mesh, zoo mesh manufacturer
But what we call close animals is not to keep the animals in a cold iron fence, a cage like a cement floor, but to refer to the natural environment of the animal’s original habitat and arrange the animal exhibition area and the visually accessible display.
It highlights nature and wildness, so that animals have the feeling of going home, and visitors feel that they are immersed in the environment.

This new model is the zoo- New eco zoo cage mesh. Hengyi is the eco zoo mesh manufacturer.

Take the tiger cage as an example, the common specifications for the tiger cage are 3.2mm wire diameter, 51mm x 51mm, 76mm x 76mm, 90mm x 90mm.

New eco zoo cage mesh, zoo mesh manufacturer

The stainless steel rope net can surround the trees and lakes. It has a small footprint and does not damage the original environment. It is easier to The surrounding vegetation is integrated into a solid and invisible barrier that protects humans and animals.
For more information on the parameters of stainless steel rope net, please contact us directly.

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