Monkey fence net made of stainless steel rope net

Establish an ecological invisible zoo fence
Facilities In Zoos – ecological steel wire rope net

Monkey fence net made of stainless steel rope net

Monkey fence net made of stainless steel rope net

The monkey is flexible, good at climbing, looks like it. Every zoo has a monkey house, and there is no shortage of personal enthusiasts to feed.

Monkeys are the general term for many animals of the primate. They are the most revolutionary class in the animal kingdom. The close relatives of human beings have a long history. There are various kinds of monkey mountains, monkey cages, monkey houses and monkey fence net in the zoo. The shapes are different, mainly to create a more comfortable and natural environment for the monkeys.

Monkey fence net
The wire rope net of the monkey fence net, monkey enclosure, monkey mountain fence net generally uses the stainless steel rope net. The common specifications are wire rope diameter 2.0mm and 2.4mm, hole aperture 38mm x 38mm, 51mm x 51mm, 60mm x 60mm.
This stainless steel rope mesh is made of flexible stainless steel rope. It is flexible and durable. It is easy to shape. It does not hurt the monkey fur and is good for monkey climbing. It is an ideal choice for the monkey mountain fence.

Monkey fence net

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