monkey cage covered mesh for selling

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monkey cage covered mesh for selling



Mmonkey cage covered mesh in zoos is often be built of stainless steel wire rope mesh. stainless steel rope mesh is a kind of professional zoo mesh, zoo fence. Widely used for monkey fence mesh,monkey cage covered mesh, monkey enclosure, monkey cages, monkey fence netting, monkey exhibit enclosure.

  1. Very pretty! Close nature for dear animals, excellent visual effect for vistor, to improve the traffic!
  2. Flexible but strong, can be install to anywhere, any terrain!
  3. Special for zoo animal fencing, bird netting, animal Enclosure mesh.
  4. Strong, Flexible, Soft, Durable, No Rust, No Corrosion, Useful Life Over 30 Years

Monkey cage covered mesh is made of Hengyi metal ecological mesh Co., ltd supplier manufacture. We are the direct manufacturer, according to customer requirements custom production of stainless steel monkey fence mesh, and provide the competitive price. The products hand woven stainless steel netting have great expertise in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality and environment-friendly monkey fence mesh and animal cage netting applications.

monkey fence mesh,monkey cage covered mesh, monkey enclosure, monkey cages

In addition, we provide the following product services:
  1. Monkey cage covered mesh’s raw materials, specifications, sizes, shipment methods can all be customized.
  2. We have advanced inspection facilities. Strict inspection of incoming material quality is performed to guarantee the quality; strict inspection is performed for finished products at factory to guarantee they meet the standards and requirements.
  3. We have molds with precision at millimeter level. Rope diameter and mesh size will be produced according to your requirements and we guarantee that each mesh size meets the standard accurately. Work with zero waste!
  4. We have outstanding processing technology. We can produce a single mesh of over 2,000 square feet, and for certain specifications, over 3,000 square feet! Without any intermediate connections! Easy for design and installation! Beautiful appearance!
  5. We have advanced technologies that can guarantee each knot is interwoven, firmly and durably. The knots never get detached and meshes never deform.
  6. Convenient and fast installation. With customized sizes, the meshes and frames are compatible, easy for installation. Our detailed installation guidance will facilitate a worry-free installation for you.
  7. Timely delivery and fast installation. We have sufficient full-time workforce to ensure our production period and delivery time.
  8. We provide packing service. Steel wire rope is flexible and light, easy for packing and suitable for all types of shipment. We can arrange the shipment as designated by you.
  9. Free samples, free packing and free installation guidance


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