Mandrill Enclosure Mesh Specifications-ecozoomesh

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Mandrill Enclosure Mesh Specifications-ecozoomesh

Mandrill Enclosure Mesh Specifications-ecozoomesh

How to choose the Mandrill Enclosure Mesh Specifications? Hengyi Metal Mesh stainless steel wire mesh factory introduces you to the specifications of stainless steel woven mesh suitable for the Mandrill.

Mandrill is the largest monkey primate, more powerful and destructive than the average monkey. Therefore, when selecting the specifications of the Mandrill enclosure mesh, the safety requirements are relatively high.

Hengyi Metal Mesh stainless steel rope net factory supplies the zoo safety net for a variety of animals. Safe and durable, it is suitable for all kinds of environments.

Options of Mandrill Enclosure Mesh 

Mandrill Enclosure Mesh Specifications

What are the options of the mesh specifications?

Stainless steel woven mesh’s cable diameters range from 1.2mm to 3.2mm. The Mandrill enclosure mesh could use 2.0mm or 2.4mm. Of course, 3.2mm is, even more, no problematic. It is usually used by fierce beasts such as tiger lions.

The Mandrill is larger in size and can be used in medium-mesh sizes such as 51mm, 60mm, and 76mm.

Costs vary according to different specifications. At the same diameter, the larger the mesh aperture, the lower the cost. So choose the suitable one when considering the budget.

Stainless steel woven wire mesh not only provides safety for the Mandrill but also allows it to fully enjoy the natural elements such as sunlight and circulating air. Provide a comfortable and healthy habitat.

Not only the primates but also tigers, lions, birds, small animals, herbivores, etc., Hengyi Metal Mesh provides customers with specifications and planning advice, free after-sales remote installation guidance.

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