Lion cage fence, lion fence mesh

tiger safety protection mesh, tiger cage mesh
stainless steel tiger fence mesh
leopard enclosure fence mesh, leopard enclosure nets
Leopard cage fence mesh

Lion cage fence, lion fence mesh

lion cage fence, lion fence mesh

lion cage fence, lion fence mesh, lion enclosure mesh

Stainless steel wire rope mesh for lions protection in zoos-lion cage fence, lion fence mesh

Stainless steel wire ropr mesh is a kind of hand-woven nets, good flexibility. And it is also known as flexible stainless steel rope mesh, stainless steel hand woven mesh. Raw materials used 304 stainless steel, specifications varied, applicable to a variety of animal species, of which the lion cage fence, lion  fence mesh is the major application of stainless steel wire mesh.
Stainless steel lion cage fence also called lion fence mesh, lion cage nets, lion enclosure mesh. Lion protection nets, stainless steel wire rope mesh specifications are as follows:

Stainless Steel Rope Diameter: 3.2mm (1/8 “)
Mesh Size: 51x51mm (2 “X2”), 76x76mm (3 “x3”)
Material: SUS304 Stainless steel
Mesh Size: Custom.
According to statistics, a century ago, Africa has 200,000 lions, but currently only less than 20,000. But also rapid decline. The extinction of a species has a great influence on the ecological balance, so it is very important to maintain the ecological balance and protect the Lions.
Today, the protection of lions in zoos using stainless steel wire mesh, is very popular. Mainly because of stainless steel lion fence mesh (lion cage fence) to resist tensile strength, flexibility, not rust, beautiful, long life and so on.
Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh Co., Ltd.-Professional stainless steel lion fence mesh suppliers. Custom-made a variety of product specifications. stainless steel lion protection products include: lion cage fence, lion fence mesh, Lion cage barrier mesh, and so on.
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