Hengyi Metal Mesh Offers Monkey Fencing Net Products

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Hengyi Metal Mesh Offers Monkey Fencing Net Products

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh – Professional Zoo Mesh Supplier

Situated in China, Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh is a specialist as it relates to the manufacturing of premium quality stainless steel rope mesh. Typically, our company is an animal protection mesh manufacturer and has had the opportunity to realize projects worldwide for many animal species (monkey fencing net mesh, big cats enclosure mesh, and birds’ aviary). We offer the best products and services to clients and assure them of the highest quality in all their products.

At Hengyi Metal Mesh, we’re always looking to provide our clients with superior items in the market. Our main applications include animal enclosures, zoo mesh, animal cages, aviary mesh, zoo fence, animal fence, railings, zoo mesh, and balustrade in-fill. We work with our clients and understand their requirements and expectations towards our products which, in turn, allow us to serve them better. With our expertise and experience, strict quality control and assurance, rest assured you’re purchasing from professional factory. This makes us a trusted and reliable choice for anyone looking to partner with a cost-effective mesh vendor.

In addition to aviary nets, the monkey fencing net has been one of the characteristics of Hengyi wire mesh for many years. For many years, our company has been dominating this particular field with its superior product advantages. The wire rope mesh fence has uniform openings and good transparency, which can provide the best interaction for visitors.

Monkey Fencing Net

Hengyi wire mesh can design and produce various sizes of monkey cage fences accordingly. Such as Umbrella exhibition nets, tunnel climbing nets, etc. Our monkey cage fence nets are manufactured in accordance with industry standards, and high performance can be expected when using them.

Customers can now buy flexible wire mesh from Hengyi. We provide free samples of less than one square foot. This is to help people determine whether the material provided is exactly what they are looking for. We can also provide customized solutions because it involves the size of the panel, the mesh hole size, and the wire rope diameter of the metal mesh. In terms of packaging, the rope net can be rolled and packed into P.P woven bags or pallets. The delivery time is between 7 to 30 days, depending on the order quantity.

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh

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