The choice of gorilla enclosure mesh

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The choice of gorilla enclosure mesh

Gorilla enclosure fence netting mesh

The choice of gorilla enclosure mesh is an important job in zoos

Here, we will introduce how to select the Gorilla enclosure mesh and considerations, and the similar products as the gorilla fence mesh.

Gorilla is similar to human, very clever, with flexible limbs and strong climbing ability. Therefore the choice of the gorilla enclosure mesh should consider the following aspects:

1.Firmness  2. Durability  3. Endurance  4. Perspective  5. Aesthetics

For the above requirements, stainless steel wire netting is a good choice for the gorilla fence mesh. The stainless steel rope mesh is made from 304 or 316 stainless steel ropes, and hand woven. Hengyi zoo mesh manufacturer directly supply, Ecozoomesh has over ten years of history, has a wealth of production experience, the production of stainless steel orangutan fence has the following advantages:

  1. Strong tensile strength and durable.
  2. Corrosion resistance, not rust, long life.
  3. Flexible, soft, can be used for a variety of terrain, a variety of environment.
  4. Very pretty! Close nature for dear animals, excellent visual effect for vistor, to improve the traffic!
  5. Wide application areas, special for zoo animal fencing, bird netting, animal Enclosure mesh.
  6. Various specifications, custom gorilla fence mesh panel sizes. We can produce a single mesh of over 2,000 square feet, and for certain specifications, over 3,000 square feet! Without any intermediate connections!
gorilla enclosure fence mesh

gorilla enclosure mesh, gorilla fence mesh

The similar products: gorilla cage mesh, gorilla enclosure mesh, gorilla fence netting, chimpanzee cages, gibbon fencing mesh, baboons enclosure nets, ape fence mesh,  orang cage enclosure. Commonly specifications:
Stainless steel rope mesh: Mesh2476;
Stainless steel wire rope: 3/16″ (2.4 mm);
Mesh opening size: 3″ x 3″ (76 mm x 76mm);
Standard sheet size: 30′ x 60′
Customized sheet height: 1′ to 30′
Customized sheet width: 1′ to 80′

stainless steel wire mesh

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