Gibbon Enclosure Fence Netting Mesh

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Gibbon Enclosure Fence Netting Mesh

The stainless steel rope woven mesh is a very good material for the Gibbon Enclosure Fence Netting Mesh.

Hengyi Metal Mesh provides a safe and healthy Gibbon Enclosure Fence Netting Mesh to our customers.

The gibbons are a type of primate that likes to climb and live in the rainforest. Therefore, the gibbon enclosures must include trees or ropes as the basic elements of habitat. Heavy metal fence limits these natural elements, but materials such as nylon mesh are not safe and durable. The durability and lightness of stainless steel wire mesh is the perfect solution to this problem.

Safety can be ensured by using a stainless steel woven mesh of 3.2 mm or 2.4 mm wire diameter. This is a stainless steel feature that is tough and does not rust. By choosing the right mesh, you can create a closed, gibbous living environment with a natural environment. Thanks to the flexibility of the stainless steel woven mesh, the designer can design exhibits of any shape and stainless steel mesh can be adapted. While ensuring safety, it can also increase the attraction of tourists.

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Gibbon, orangutan, apes, etc. are essential animals in zoos or wildlife parks. People love them, and also want to protect them and let them live in the environment they like. Therefore, the stainless steel rope woven mesh enclosure material has been favored by people.

Hengyi Metal Mesh is a company specializing in the production of zoo nets. We promote animal protection and the return to nature. We have been providing safe and reliable zoo enclosure mesh for zoos and construction companies around the world, including the bird aviary mesh, the monkey exhibition net, the gibbon enclosure fence, the tiger fence and so on.

Hengyi Metal Mesh has rich experience and thoughtful service, quality assurance, factory price. What are you still hesitating, contact us to customize the stainless steel rope weaving net you need.


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