Flexible Steel Wire Netting—Eco Zoo Mesh

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Flexible Steel Wire Netting—Eco Zoo Mesh

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Flexible steel wire netting mesh is an extraordinary architectural element that can be used in enclosures design and construction. It is a very widely used flexible material.

Flexible steel wire mesh is a high-quality product that can be individually configured within the scope of innovative building solutions. Because they are made of stainless steel (AISI 304/316), they are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

The flexible wire netting mesh is safety-certified, weather-resistant and highly durable, requiring virtually no maintenance. By selecting different rope diameters and mesh apertures, it is possible to adapt to the various application requirements for load-carrying capacity.

For decorative applications, thin rope diameter and a large mesh can be used to reduce costs. For safety applications, it is recommended to select the appropriate rope diameter and mesh to ensure safety.

In recent years, Hengyi Metal Mesh has developed the application of stainless steel flexible wire mesh to a very high level. It can be used not only for animal fences and enclosure constructions but also for safety fall protection, building protection, etc. It can also be used for decoration and green plant climbing meshes.

Flexible Steel Wire Netting, black oxide zoo mesh-Flexible Barrier for animal enclosure





-Variable wire cable thickness

-Stainless steel, untreated or color-coated

-A broad spectrum of diameters, sizes

-Mesh sizes of 20 – 150 mm

-Ideal for diverse applications




These properties make Hengyi Metal Mesh stainless steel flexible wire mesh add unlimited possibilities to your design.

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