How to choose enclosure netting for toucans?

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Advantages of stainless steel nets instead of ordinary stadium fences

How to choose enclosure netting for toucans?

What are toucans’ features?

Description: Swainson’s toucans are the second largest of the 37 species of toucans. They are just a little smaller than a Toco toucan. They have huge, hollow yellow and chestnut beaks, bright yellow bibs edged in red, white rumps with red under-tails, green rings around their brown eyes and blue feet. Their distinctive hollow beak can grow up to eight inches (20 cm) long, is much lighter than it looks and slightly translucent. A narrow bristly tongue reaches the tip of their bill and resembles a feather. The beak’s serrated edges help the toucans hold fruit/food at the tip, which then is thrown into their throat with an upward toss of the head. The long beak helps to pluck fruits that are on branches too thin to hold their weight, as they reach far out from their perch on thicker branches. They have two toes forward and two in back for more secure perching and when they sleep their tails stick straight up. Their bodies are heavy but they have strong legs which make them much better hoppers than flyers. enclosure netting for toucans

Size: The male averages 22 inches (56 cm) long and weighs 26.5 ounces (750 gr). The smaller female is typically 20.5 inches (52 cm) long and weighs 20.5 ounces (580 gr).
Behavior: Socially they prefer being solitary or in small groups rather than large flocks. They are friendly, playful, intelligent and curious about their surroundings.

How to choose enclosure netting for toucans?

Stainless steel wire rope mesh is a professional zoo mesh and animal cage protection net, using 304/316 stainless steel, hand-woven, widely used in the zoo parrot aviary nets, suitable for a variety of parrot varieties, such as: Macaw, Toucan, Budgerigar, Lorikeet, Cacatua, Parakeet, Cockatoo, Parrot let, Amazon parrot, African Grey Parrot, lory, conure, love birds and so on.(enclosure netting for toucans)
Toucan fence netting(enclosure netting for toucansenclosure netting for toucans
Specifications: mesh1230 
Wire rope mesh 
Material: 304 stainless steel
Rope diameter: 1.2mm (3/64 “)
Mesh aperture: 30mm x 30mm (1.2″ x 1.2 “).
stainless steel rope mesh for toucan fence netting, toucan cage netting, parrot enclosure mesh, parrot enclosure, parrot fencing enclosure.(enclosure netting for toucans)
How to place an order:
1. Contact us. We will confirm the raw materials with you according to the application environment. Stainless steel 304 is suitable for most cases; Stainless steel 316 is better in corrosion resistant and suitable for oceanic climate.
2.We will confirm the specifications and sizes and give you the most reasonable proposal according to the application purpose.
3. Our sales persons will confirm with you the prices, delivery date and shipment method, etc.
4. Before placing an order, you are suggested to request a sample of selected specification. The sample is free and we guarantee the final product is consistent with this sample.
5. Confirm the order and make the down payment.
6. We will produce with a plan.
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