Deer fence-steel wire mesh

macaw cage fence netting use 304 stainless steel material
Ostrich Enclosure, Ostrich Fence Mesh

Deer fence-steel wire mesh

Hand woven stainless steel rope mesh is a professional deer exhibit fence, deer fence, deer cage fence, deer enclosure mesh. It is made from stainless steel wire rope, hand woven process. It’s widely used in zoos for deer exhibit fence enclosure protection, deer cage fence, deer fencing, deer cage mesh, deer enclosure mesh, etc.

Deer is a kind of herbivore, not very aggressive, so the zoo deer fence widely used for stainless steel wire rope mesh to build. The common herbivore in zoos: Deer, Giraffe, Antelope, Sika, Tibetan antelope, Zebra, Alpaca, etc. all can use stainless steel rope mesh for protection.

Deer exhibit, deer cage & enclosure mesh compared to other materials of the deer exhibit enclosure protection:
1. Tensile strength, breaking force, can be the Tiger, Lion, Leopard and other beasts easily isolate the protection mesh;
2. Good flexibility, scalable, flexible installation, suitable for a variety of terrain and cage shape;
3. Hand-woven, the overall structure of the stainless steel giraffe fence mesh is more solid;
4. Beautiful environment, not rust, long life;
5. Custom-made mesh size, large-scale mesh, you can fence the entire giraffe cage places.

deer cage fence, deer enclosure mesh – stainless steel wire rope mesh

Commonly used deer exhibit, deer fence, deer cage mesh, deer enclosure mesh specification Parameters:
Product: Hand woven stainless steel wire rope mesh
Rope Diameter: 2.4mm
Mesh Aperture: 76x76mm
Material: SUS304 Stainless steel
Mesh Size: Customized according to customer needs.

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