Beast wire rope fence mesh

Zoo wire rope protection net
Parrot cage mesh for factory price

Beast wire rope fence mesh

Beast wire rope fence mesh

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh Co. Ltd.  supplies various specifications of the beast wire rope fence mesh.

Animals, tourists and keepers should be kept safe when planning animal cages. In the zoo, many beasts endanger people’s safety, and animals often kill each other and fight diseases. Therefore, the cage should be properly isolated between humans and animals, animals and animals. The size of the protective net and the isolated mesh(beast wire rope fence mesh) should be appropriate. It is necessary to fully estimate the maximum power of animals to jump, climb, fly, push and pull, and avoid animals. Cross the border to prevent animals from hurting people.
The beast-like fence is the preferred wire rope fence mesh.

beast wire rope fence mesh

In addition, stainless steel rope net is also suitable for zoo fence mesh. Want to know more about Hengyi wire rope net, stainless steel rope net, stainless steel animal cage net, bird forest net and other information, welcoming your inquiries. You can also log on our official website:
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